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雅礼中学 2012 年下学期入学考试(九月月考)英语试卷 PART TWO: LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE (45 points) 21. _______I admit that there are problems, I don't agree that they cannot be solved.? A. While B. If C.In case D. Before

22. The book, ________, appeals to many adult readers, too. A. it was written for children C. was written for children 23. — Do you like the material? A. felt B. feels B. though was written for children D. though written for children — Yes, it ______ soft. C. is felt D. is feeling

24. The visitors expressed their satisfaction with the service ______ by the travel agency, ______ that they had enjoyed their stay here. A. provided; adding B. providing; added C. provided; added D. providing; adding

25. Many endangered animals, such as the Malayan sun bear, __________ in danger of dying out. A. remain B. remains C. are remained D. is remained

26. These engines search the Internet for you __________ on the key word(s) you type in. A. to base B. based C. being based D. basing

27. — How was the party?

— The atmosphere was good and the people were enjoying

themselves. _________, it was a great evening. A. Altogether B. However C. Otherwise D. Besides

28.In _________ now seems the beginning stages of computer history, there was a quite widespread worry _________ computers would take over the world from man one day. A.which; that B.that; what C.when; whether D.what; that

29. Amusement parks have _________ all over the country. More are under construction. A. made up B. sprung up C. brought up D. set up

30. One of the sides of the wood board should be painted yellow, and ________. A. the other is white B. another white C. the other white D. another is white

31. Matthew’s pride turned to shame when his suggestion was ______ by his manager. A. turned out B. turned down C. turned off D. turned over

32. As a rule, domestic servants doing odd jobs are paid ________ . A. by the hour B. by hour C. by an hour D. by hours

33. One-third of the country__ covered with trees and the majority of the citizens A. is; are B. is; is C. are; are D. are; is

black people.

34. Only after they had discussed the matter for several hours _______ a decision. A. they reached B. did they reach C. they reach D. do they reach

35 It’s not what we do once in a while _______ shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. A. which Section B (18 marks) I was six when I joined my father and two elder brothers at sunrise in the fields of Eufaula, Okla. By the time I was eight I was helping Dad fix up old furniture. He gave me a cent for every nail I 36 out of old boards. 37 38 job at JM's Restaurant in town when I was 12. My main tables and washing dishes, but sometimes I helped cook. 39 to JM's and work until ten. Even on Saturdays I my friends run B. that C. how D. when

I got my first responsibilities were

Every day after school I would

worked from two until eleven. At that age it was difficult going to work and 40 off to swim or play. I didn't necessarily like work, but I loved what working Because of my 42 Freez. This made me

41 me to have.

I was always the one buying when my friends and I went to the local Tastee 43 .

Word that I was trustworthy and hard-working 44 around town. A local clothing store offered me credit(赊账) although I was only in seventh grade. I immediately charged a $ 68 sports coat and a $ 22 pair of shoes. Luckily, I learned early the danger of easy credit. I 45 as I could. My first job taught me self-control, responsibility and brought me a 46 of personal as soon

satisfaction few of my friends had experienced. As my father, who worked three jobs, once told me, "If you 47 sacrifice(奉献) and responsibility, there are not many things in life you can't

have." How right he was! 36.A. pulled 37.A. usual 38.A. sweeping 39.A. head 40.A. helping B. put B. real B. packing B. turn B. having C. picked C. main C. clearing C. change C. watching D. pressed D. particular D. emptying D. move D. letting

41.A. asked 42.A. study 43.A. proud 44.A. ran 45.A. took it off 46.A. point 47.A. understand Section C (12 marks)

B. told B. power B. friendly B. got B. set it off B. level B. demand

C. promised C. age C. lucky C. flew C. paid it off C. part C. offer

D. allowed D. job D. hopeful D. carried D. got it off D. sign D. fear

All countries have a different business culture. Singapore is considered to be (48) ___ of the best places in the world to work because of its particular work culture. Generally speaking, the work culture of Singapore is a mix of Asian (49) ____ Western influences. The government of Singapore allows various cultures to grow together in harmony. Like in many other countries, in Singapore, the “face” plays an important role. People wouldn’t do anything (50) _____ would make them or their families or friends disrespected in the society. Instead, (51)______ will try to keep a good image in all aspects of life. It’s associated with having a good character and good personal qualities. This is (52)_____ people don’t say “no” or “I can’t” directly, but reply that “I’ll try” or “I’ll let you know”. Work culture in Singapore is quite flexible as to white-collar jobs. They work 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. Professional jobs don’t require you to work overtime, (53) _____ if it is so, you’re paid 1.5 times the basic hourly rate. If you love being in an advanced country made up (54) _____ different nationalities and learning new cultures, then Singapore is (55) _____ very place to work and live in! PART THREE: READING COMPREHENSION (30 marks) A When my father was dying, I traveled a thousand miles from home to be with him in his last days. It was far more heartbreaking than I’d expected, one of the most difficult and painful times in my life. After he passed away I stayed alone in his apartment. There were so many things to deal with. It all seemed endless. I was lonely. I hated the silence of the apartment. But one evening the silence was broken: I heard crying outside. I opened the door to find a little cat on the steps. He was thin and poor. He looked the way I felt. I brought him inside and

gave him a can of fish. He ate it and then almost immediately fell sound asleep. The next morning I checked with neighbors and learned that the cat had been abandoned by his owner who had moved out. So the little cat was there all alone, just like I was. As I walked back to the apartment, I tried to figure out what to do with him. Having something else to take care of seemed like the very last thing I needed. But as soon as I opened the apartment door he came running and jumped into my arms. It was clear from that moment that he had no intention of going anywhere. I started calling him Willis, in honor of my father’s best friend. From then on, things grew easier. With Willis in my lap time seemed to pass much more quickly. When the time fin ally came for me to return home I had to decide what to do about Willis. There was absolutely no way I would leave without him. It’s now been five years since my father died. Over the years, several people have commented on how nice it was of me to rescue the cat. But I know that we rescued each other. I may have given him a home but he gave me something greater. 56. When the author first saw the cat, she_____________. A. was very happy C. didn’t know what to do B. was annoyed at his crying D. felt sympathy for him

57. The underlined sentence in the third paragraph implies that the author___________. A. needed something to fill the empty apartment B. was too busy and tired to keep a cat C. loved to stay alone in the apartment D. needed something to take care of to kill time 5 8. The cat rescued the author by ____________. A. making her feel better in her hard times C. helping her tidy the department B. giving her courage to go on with her life D. telling her what life is

59. We can learn form the passage that Willis _________. A. was named after the author’s father B. was left behind by his previous owner C. was taken good care of by the neighbours D. became homeless again after the author returned home


60. What would be the best title for the passage? A. A poor little cat C. How to take care of cats B A university graduate described as a “respectable and intelligent” woman is seeking professional help after being convicted of (证明有…罪)shoplifting for the second time in six months. Ana Luz, recently studying for her PhD, has been told she could end up in prison unless she can control the desire to steal from shops . Luz, who lives with her partner in Fitzwilliam Road, Cambridge, admitted stealing clothes worth £9.95 from John Lewis in Oxford Street, London, on March 9. Phillip Lemoyne said Luz selected some clothes from a display and took them to the ladies’ toilet in the store .When she came out again she was wearing one of the skirts she had selected, having taken off the anti-theft security alarms(防盗警报装置). She was stopped and caught by our security personnel after leaving the store without paying, Mr. Lemoyne said. He added that she was upset when she was caught and apologized for her actions. Luz, 28, was said to have been convicted of shoplifting by Cambridge judges last October, but Morag Duff, her defense lawyer, said she had never been in trouble with the police before that . “She is ashamed and embarrassed but doesn’t really have any explanation why she did this ,” Miss Duff said . “She didn’t intend to steal when she went into the store. She is at a loss to explain it . She is otherwise a very respectable and intelligent young lady. She went to her doctor and asked for advice because she wants to know if there is anything in particular that caused her to do this.” Judge David Azan fined Luz £ 50, and warned : “You’ve got a criminal record. If you carry on like this, you will end up in prison, which will ruin your bright future you may have.” Luz achieved a degree in design at university in her native Spain, went on to a famous university in Berlin, Germany for her master’s degree and is now studying for a PhD at Cambridge University, UK.

B. A painful experience D. What I got from a little cat

61.What is Ana Luz’s nationality? A.American. B.British. C.Spanish. D.German.

62.What does the underlined sentence “She is at a loss to explain it” mean? A.In her opinion it was a loss to the clothes shops where she stole things . B.She doesn’t have any idea why she has the desire to steal from shops . C.She thinks it is a loss for her to explain why she stole things from shops. D.Personally she feels ashamed and embarrassed for her shoplifting actions. 63. The word “shoplifting” used in the passage most probably means ____________ . A.carrying goods in a lift for a shop C.selecting some goods from a display 64.From the passage we can learn that B.taking goods to the ladies’ toilet D.taking goods from a shop without paying .

A.Ana Luz has already got her PhD at Cambridge University ,UK B.Ana Luz is ashamed and embarrassed and knows why she stole from the store C.the university graduate will be put in prison if she steals in shops once more D.Phillip Lemoyne is the “respectable and intelligent” woman’s defense lawyer 65.What would be the best title for the passage ? A.Shoplifting Shame of a PhD Student B.Apologizing for the Actions in Shops

C.Seeking Professional Help from Experts D.Controlling the Desire to Steal from Shops C I'm usually fairly skeptical about any research that concludes that people are either happier or unhappier or more or less certain of themselves than they were 50 years ago. While any of these statements might be true, they are practically impossible to prove scientifically. Still, I was struck by a report which concluded that today's children are significantly more anxious than children in the 1950s. In fact, the analysis showed, normal children aged 9 to 17 show a higher level of anxiety today than children who were treated for mental illness 50 years ago. Why are America's kids so stressed? The report mentions two main causes: increasing physical isolation(孤立) —brought on by high divorce rates and less involvement in community, among other things —and a growing feeling that the world is a more dangerous place. Considering that we can't turn the clock back, adults can still do plenty to help the next generation deal with it. At the top of the list is developing a better appreciation of the limits of individualism(个人主


义). No child is an island. Strengthening social ties helps build communities and protect individuals against stress. To help kids build stronger connections with others, you can pull the plug on TVs and computers. Your family will thank you later. They will have more time for face-to-face relationships, and they will get more sleep. Limit the amount of virtual(虚拟的) violence your children are exposed to. It's not just video games and movies; children see a lot of murder and crime on the local news. Keep your expectations for your children reasonable. Many highly successful people never attended Harvard or Yale. Make exercise part of your daily routine. It will help you deal with your own anxieties and provide a good model for your kids. Sometimes anxiety is unavoidable. But it doesn't have to ruin your life. 66. The underlined word skeptical in paragraph 1 could be best replaced by ______. A. puzzled B. doubtful C. sure D. curious

67. What does the author mean when he says "we can't turn the clock back" in paragraph 3? A. It's impossible to slow down the pace of change. B. The social reality children are facing cannot be changed. C. Lessons learned from the past should not be forgotten. D. It's impossible to forget the past. 68. According to an analysis, compared with normal children today, children treated as mentally ill 50 years ago____. A. were less isolated physically C. probably suffered less from anxiety B. were probably less self-centered D. were considered less individualistic

69. The first and most important thing parents should do to help their children is _________. A. to provide them with a safer environment C. to get them more involved socially B. to lower their expectations for them D. to set a good model for them to follow

70. What conclusion can be drawn from the passage? A. Anxiety, though unavoidable, can be dealt with. B. Children's anxiety has been a huge problem since the 1950s. C. Children's anxiety can be removed with more parental care. D. Anxiety, if properly controlled, may help children become mature. Part Ⅳ: Writing (45 points) Since I took office, I’ve done everything in my power to protect our children from harm. We’ve worked to make their streets and their schools safer, to give them something positive to do after school and before their parents get home. We’ve worked to teach our children that drugs are dangerous, illegal and wrong. Today, I want to talk to you about the historic opportunity we now have to protect our nation’s


children from an even more deadly threat: smoking. Smoking kills more people every day than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murders, suicides, drugs, and fires combined. Nearly 90 percent of those smokers lit their first cigarette before they turned 18. Consider this : 3,000 children start to smoke every day illegally, and 1,000 of them will die sooner because of it. This is a national tragedy that every American should be honor-bound to help prevent. For more than five years we’ve worked to stop our children from smoking before they start launching a nationwide campaign to educate them about the dangers of smoking, to reduce their access to tobacco products, and to forbid tobacco companies from advertising to young people. If we do these, we’ll cut teen smoking by almost half over the next five years. That means if we act now , we have it in our power to stop 3 million children from smoking and to save a million lives as a result. Title: Prevent young children from What I have done to protect our children from harm __71_

Making their 72 _ safer. Helping them to do something that does them good after school. Making them know that drugs are 73 , illegal and wrong. More people 75 every day than AIDS,

alcohol, car accidents, murders, suicides, drugs and fires combined 74 of teen smoking Nearly 90% of smokers start smoking 76 3,000 children start to smoke every day illegally, and 1/3 of them die sooner 77 smoking. What has been done to protect children from smoking. Educating the children about the 79 78 of

their access to tobacco products. to

Forbidding tobaccco companies from 80 the young.


Section B (10 marks) A firm handshake could be a sign of a longer life expectancy, according to British researchers. Scientists at the Medical Research Council found that elderly people who could still give a firm handshake and walk at a quick pace were likely to outlive their slower peers(同龄人). They found simple measures of physical capability like shaking hands,walking, getting up from a chair and balancing on one leg were related to life expectancy, even after accounting for age, sex and body size. The study is the first to provide a comprehensive view of the existing research by using data from 33 studies. “These measures have been used in population-based research for quite a long time,” said Rachel Cooper of the Medical Research Council’s Unit for Lifelong Health and Aging. “They may be useful indicators for later health.” Cooper, whose study appears in the British Medical Journal, said more studies are needed to clarify whether the measures would be helpful to doctors as a screening tool (筛检工具). “I wouldn’t suggest that we roll them out into clinical practice tomorrow, but it is possible that they could be used in the future,”she told the media. The researchers examined 33 studies involving tens of thousands of people, most of whom were aged over 60 but living in the community rather than in hospitals or care homes. The researchers found that those with the strongest hand grasps tended to live longer than those with weak ones. The death rate over the period of the studies for people with weak handshakes was 67 percent higher than for people with a firm handshake. The slowest walkers were nearly three times more likely to die during the study period than swifter walkers. The people who were slowest to get up from a chair had almost double the death rate compared to the quick risers. “Those people in the general population who have higher physical capability levels are likely to live longer,” Cooper said. 81What is Rachel Cooper? (Nomorethan15words) (2 marks)

82. Give three examples of the measures mentioned in the passage which are related to life expectancy.. (No more than 9 words) (2 marks)


83. In what ways does Cooper think the study might help doctors? (No more than 14 words) (3 marks)

84.What does the passage mainly tell us? (Nomorethan10words) (3 marks)

Section C writing (25 points) 今年暑假你在麦当劳(McDonald’s) 找到了一份工作。 这是你第 一次赚钱,很激动。 现就你打工的感受写一篇文章, 给当地报社投稿。注意:词数不少于 120。不要逐句翻译,可适当发挥。 雅礼中学 2012 年下学期入学考试参考答案: 单选 21-25 ADBAA 26-30 BADBC 31-35 BAABB D D A B C B A 48. one 49. and 50. that 51. they 61-65 C B DC A 74. Facts

完型 36---47 A B C A C 52. why 53. but 54. of

55. the 阅读 56- 60 D B A B D

66-70 B B C C A 阅读填空 71. smoking 72. streets and schools. 73. dangerous 75. die from smoking. 76. under 18 77. as a result / because Reducing

78. dangers of smoking 79.

80. advertising 阅读简答 81. She is a member/scientist of the Medical Research

Council’s Unit for Lifelong Health and Aging. 82.Shaking hands, walking, and getting up from a chair.83. She thinks the measures would be helpful to doctors as a screening tool. 84. People with higher physical capability levels may live longer. 写作范文赏读 Nowadays it is usual for many students to find a part-time job. This summer holiday I once worked as a waiter at a McDonald’s. I used to keep on asking my parents for money. It was the first time that I had earned money, so I was quite excited. On the one hand, now I can buy whatever I need without asking others for money. On the other hand , I have got some working experience. From my working experience, I found it necessary to prepare for the world outside school. Besides, not only did I understand the value of money but also the way of getting along with others. In a word , I’ve had a wonderful holiday and I’ m sure this will benefit me a lot in my future. (本文属于半开放性作文。写作时,文章应分成三部分:第一部分引出全文; 第二部分着 重写感受; 第三部分进行总结。注意时态应以一般过去时为主。)




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