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南京大学 2014 年翻译硕士考研真题及 答案
历年真题是最权威的, 最直接了解各专业考研的复习资料, 考生要重视和挖掘其潜在价 值,尤其是现在正是冲刺复习阶段,模拟题和真题大家都要多练多总结,下面分享南京大学 2014 年翻译硕士考研真题及答案,方便考生使用。 I. Phrase Translation NATO:北大西洋公约组织(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Genebank: 基因库 CBD:中央商务区(Central Business District);交货前付款(cash before delivery) YOG:青奥会(Youth Olympic Games) IMF:国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund) ISO:国际标准化组织(International Standard Organization) OPEC:石油输出国组织(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) UNESCO: 联合国教科文组织 (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) Euromart:欧洲共同市场(European Common Market) negative population growth:人口负增长 the European economic community:欧洲经济共同体 World Intellectual Property Organization: 世界知识产权组织 Greenhouse effect: 温室效应 Masscult:大众文化,通俗文化 I-steel:工字钢 无人售票:self-service ticketing 货到付款:cash on delivery 战略伙伴关系:strategic partnership 西部大开发:Go-West Campaign;China Western Development 打假:anti-fraud campaign;crack down on counterfeit goods 反腐倡廉:combat corruption and build a clean government 黑客:hacker 和平过渡:peaceful transition 市场准入:market access 网民:netizen 工业园区:industrial park 绿色食品:green food 泡沫经济:bubble economy 脱口秀:talk show 素质教育:quality-oriented education ; education for all-round development II. Sentence translation 1. The vendor shall deliver the goods to the vendee by June 15.
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凯程考研辅导班,中国最权威的考研辅导机构 2. In case of quality discrepancy,claim should be filed by buyer within 30 days after the arrival of goods at port of destination. 3.“Site”means the land and other places on, under, in or through which the Permanent Works or Temporary Works designed by the Engineer are to be executed. 4. Taxation shall comprise all forms of taxes, including, without limitation, income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, tariffs, customs duties, import and export duties, impositions, duties and levies, and all fines, penalties, charges, fees, costs and rates imposed, levied and collected by the taxation authority and other competent authorities. 参考译文: 1. 如买方提出索赔,卖方须在 6 月 15 日前将货交给买方。 2. 凡属品质异议须于货到目的口岸之日起 30 天内提出。 3. “工地”指工程师设计的永久性或临建工程施工所需的土地及其他场地, 包括 地面、 地 下、在之上或通过部分。 4. 税收包括各种形式的税项,包括但不限于税务局 税收包括各种形式的税项,包 括但不限于税务局 和其他主管部门征收的所得税、 资本利得税、 印 和其他主管部门征收的 所得税、资本利得税、印 花税、关税、进出口税、各种征税、及一切罚金、 花税、关税、 进出口税、各种征税、及一切罚金、 收费和税款。 III. Passage translation Section A Chinese to English Every successful business is built on superior senses — of timing, opportunity, responsibility, and, not infrequently, humor. None, however, is more critical than the ability to sense the market. A senior executive’s instinctive capacity to empathize with and gain insights from customers is the single most important skill he or she can use to direct technologies, product and service offerings, communications programs, indeed, all elements of a company’s strategic posture. Bill Gates, Akio Morita, Sam Walton, and others brought this ability to the enterprises they founded. Without it, their ventures might have been short-lived or at least far less successful. Paying attention to the customer is certainly not a new idea. But many top-level managers, particularly those at industrial companies, consider customer contact the bailiwick of sales and marketing staff. And even if they do believe that market focus is a priority, most retain only limited contact with consumers as their organizations grow, relying instead on subordinates’ reports—second-or third-hand information—to define and sense the market for them.(149 词) 参考译文: 每一个成功的工商企业都是建立在一些卓越的意识之上的, 即懂得审时度势, 抓住 机遇,承担责任,并不乏幽默感。但这一切都没有比对市场了解的能力更为重要。高级管理 人员的一个非常重要的本事是能很自然地设身处地为客户着想,并从他们那里获得真知灼 见。他们利用这种能力来指导技术、产品和售后服务,乃至公司战略计划的各个方面。比尔 盖兹之类的成功者就曾把这种本事带进他们各自创立的企业中。 没有这种能力, 他们的事业 或许只是昙花一现,至少没有像今天这样成功。但是许多高层经理,特别是工业公司的高层 经理, 把与顾客接触看成是销售和市场营销人员的事。 即便他们确实也认为市场是公司的重 心,但随着公司的发展,他们中大多数人也只与消费者保持十分有限的接触而已。他们判断 和把握市场,依赖于下属送来的报告,即二手、三手的材料。 Section B English to Chinese 近年来,世界发生了新变化,中国也取得了新进步。中国各族人民万众一心,继续
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凯程考研辅导班,中国最权威的考研辅导机构 推动全面建设小康社会进程。中国的综合国力进一步增强,人民生活进一步改善。中国人民 加强同各国人民的交流合作, 积极致力于国际热点问题的妥善解决, 努力推动建设持久和平、 共同繁荣的和谐世界。1978 年开始的改革开放,是决定当代中国命运的关键抉择,使社会 主义中国的面貌发生了历史性变化。 我们将坚定不移地高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜, 深 入贯彻落实科学发展观,继续解放思想,坚持改革开放,发展社会主义市场经济,发展社会 主义民主政治,发展社会主义先进文化,继续以改善民生为重点加强社会建设,努力使全体 人民学有所教、劳有所得、病有所医、老有所养、住有所居,促进社会和谐。 参考译文: Recent years saw new changes in the world and China has also made new progresses. Chinese people have continued to work shoulder to shoulder in building a well-off society in an all-round way. China’s comprehensive national strength has further strengthened and people’s livelihood has further improved. Chinese people have boosted exchanges and cooperation with people of various nations, actively engaged in the proper settlement of issues in the world’s hot spots, and pushed for the building of a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity. Initiated in 1978, the reform and opening-up drive is a crucial option that determines the fate of contemporary China. It has brought historic changes to socialist China. We will continue unwaveringly to hold high the great banners of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the scientific outlook om development, further emancipate our mind, adhere to reform and opening-up,develop socialist market economy, advance socialist democracy, and develop advanced culture.Improving people’s well-being will continue to be our top priority in building a harmonious society in which people are well educated ,workers well paid, patients well treated, elder well tended and families well accommodated. 汉语写作与百科知识: 名词解释:全球化 发达国家 发达国家 欧元区 失业率 通胀 CPI 海归 美联储 量化宽松 莫言 植被 民族 诺贝尔文学奖 网络文学 南京 六朝 李白 王安石 长江 转基因 作物 商业化 抗体 绿色和平 底特律 发达国家 消费价格指数 应用文:李华的朋友张亮考研失败,请以李华的身份给张亮写安慰信,注意格式和 标点(450 字) 大作文:论宽容(议论文 800 字)大作文论宽容。用现代汉语写一篇议论文观点明确 语言流畅。

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