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Grammar and usage

Grammar and usage
Teaching aims: (1) Master the usage of unreal conditionals. (2) Practice about the 3 kinds of unreal conditionals. Important points & difficult points: the usage of with, if-clause and the unreal conditionals in the noun clauses. Procedure: Step 1 revision Unreal conditions 与事实相反 条件从句的谓语形式 主句的谓语形式 Would / could / might / should +动词原形(do)

表示现在情况 过去式(did) (be 常用 were)

1.如果现在不下雨的话,我们就出去野餐了。 If it________ not raining, we _________ for a picnic. 2.如果他来这,他就能够帮助你了。 If he _____ here, he ____________ able to help you. 3.如果我是你的话,我就会带走他们。 If I _______ you, I_______________ them away. 与事实相反 条件从句的谓语形式 主句的谓语形式 Would / could / might / should + have done 1.要是当初她被邀请的话,她就会参加这次聚会了。 She ________________ to the party if she ______________. 2.今天早上,她要是不叫我的话,我就会睡过头了。 If she ___________ me, I __________________ this morning. 3.如果你上个学期用功些,你就会在考试中过关了。 If you ________ harder last term, you _____________ exam. 与事实相反 条件从句的谓语形式 主句的谓语形式

表示过去情况 过去完成式(had +done

表示将来情况 ①过去式 (did) ②should + do ③were to do 1.如果你成功,一切就好了。

Would / could / might / should +动词原形(do)

If you ___________, everything would be all right. If you ________________, everything would be all right. If you ________________, everything would be all right. 2.明年我要是二十岁,我就会学计算机课程。 If I _______________ twenty years old next year, I ________________ the course of computer science. Step 2 When the main clause is about the present and if the clause refers back to the past, or vice versa, we use mixed conditionals Complete the following 1.如果你昨天问他,你现在就知道怎么办。 If you ________ him yesterday, you _________ what to do now. 2.如果昨晚下雨,今天会很冷。 If it _________ last night, it ______________ very cold today. 3.如果我是你,我就不会错过昨天晚上的那部电影。 If I ______ you,I ___________________ the film last night. In implied conditionals, we use otherwise, or, and phrases beginning with, without and but for in place of if-clauses. 1. 我很忙,否则我可帮助你。 I am busy now, otherwise I _______________ you the favor 2. 要不是你的劝告,我是不会做这份工作的。 But for your advice,I ____________ able to do this work. 3. 要不是你,我不会认识他 Without you, I _______________________ him. We can put should, were, and had at the beginning of an unreal conditional sentence.

In this case, if is not needed any more. Complete the following by omitting if 1. If they were here now, they could help us. Were they here now, they could help us. 2. If you had come earlier, you would have met him. Had you come earlier, you would have met him 3. If it should rain, the crops would be saved Should it rain, the crops would be saved. Subjunctive Mood in Noun Clause ? ? ? ? ? ? 在 suggest (建议), advise (劝告), insist (坚持), decide (决定), request (要求), desire (期望), recommend (推荐), propose (建议) consent (允诺) order (命令) demand (要求), ask (要求)

后的宾语从句中谓语动词用 should +动词原形。should 可省略 1. I suggested that it ___________ quicker to travel by train. (be)

2. He insisted that we ________________ him the news. (tell) 3. He ordered that the students _____________ the clothes every week by themselves. (wash) 4. She recommended that we _______________ giving offense. (avoid)

5. He insisted that all of us ___________ there on time by any means. (be) 6. The teacher suggested that we _____________ the blackboard after class. 7. I demand that John _______________ there at once. (go) 8. We are all for your proposal that the discussion _______________ put off.(be) Unreal situations introduced by even if, as if, as though, if only, what if 1. He pretends as if he ____________ the thing at all, but in fact he knows it very well. 他假装好象完全不懂那事,其实他对那事非常了解。 2. The old man looked at the picture, he felt as though he ___________ back to time (clean)

20 years ago. 那老人看着照片,他觉得仿佛回到 20 年前的时光。 3. They talked and talked as if they _______________ again. 他们谈了又谈,仿佛他们不会再相见的样子。 4. He orders me about as if I __________ his wife. 他对我指东指西的,就好像我是他的妻子似的。 5. He talks about Rome as though he _________ there himself. 他谈论起罗马来就好像他去过那里似的。 6. He behaves as if he __________ the place.
他的所作所为好像他是这个地方的主人。 Step 3 Consolidation

1. Ex A and B on P56-57 2. Ex about “Grammar” on the WB
Step 4 Homework

1. Review what you have learnt by doing some exercises. 2. Preview “Task”.

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