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P1 Good morning,ladies and gentlemen.I’m No. 6competitor.It’s my
honor to present my lesson here.


Now I’ll present myteaching plan in 6 aspects(指 PPT)(Analysis

r />
of teaching material, analysis of students, teaching methods, learning methods, teaching procedures and blackboard design.)


(说教材地位和内容) First, let me analyze the teaching materials.

My lesson isUnit 1 of Module 4Do you want some rice?It’sa type of listening and speaking lesson.This content is about a dialogue between Daming and Amy, which focuses on how to choose the food they want. ( 说 教 学 目 标 ) Based on the new curriculum standard, the teaching objectives are as following: (知识目标)The knowledge objective is to help Ss recognize and read the new words: potato, tomato, egg, want and some; and the sentence structure: Do you want some…? Yes, please. / No, thank you. (能力目标) The ability objective is to help the Ss make a dialogue and improve theirlistening and speaking skills. ( 情 感 目 标 ) The emotional objectiveisarousing Ss’ learning interests and helping them form the good habits of table manners. (说教材重点)According to the teaching objectives, the important point is that theSs can read and recognize the new words and sentence structure. (说教材难点)And the difficult point is to make surethe Ss can

use the sentence structures correctly.

P4(说学情)Next, Iwant to analyzemySs: They are very active,
curious and willing to show themselves. (说教法)With the above points,here comes my teaching methods. There are 5 methods. (指 PPT) Audio-visual method,TPR method, Task based teaching method,Communicative method, Situational teaching method


(说学法)Here are thetwo learning methods. (指 PPT)

Autonomous learning, Cooperative learning.


(说教具)Teaching aids:And I use CAI, word cards, and some

food pictures to help my teaching. (说教学过程)Now I want to talk aboutmy teaching procedures.


Step 1 Warming up:(1)Sing a song so as to arouse the Ss’interest.

(2) Brain storming so as to review the words and phrases. Step 2Leading in:I show some pictures of food by a flash spotlight in order to lead in the new words.


Step 3 Presentation:Enable the Ssto master the sentence

structure by 2 ways: (1) Listening practice; (2) Offering helps. I will create a situation: when someone is hungry or thirsty, the students can use the sentence structure of “Do you want some…?” to offer helps.


Step 4 Practice:The students work in groups to make a dialogue

about ordering a meal in a restaurant.

Step 5 Extension: Introduce the western culture about the table manners. Step 6 Summary:I would like to summarize and review the sentence structure, and encourage the Ss to use them in real life. In my class, I use some assessments by listening practice, and oral practice.I also use the positive words to encouragethem. Step 7 Homework. Here is today’s homework.


Step8Blackboard design

(说板书)Finally, here’smy blackboard design, I try to keep it clear and simple, I will write the title, key words and sentence structure on the blackboard.



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