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必修五综合检测题 第一部分:英语知识运用
一.语法和词汇知识(共 25 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 25 分)
1. Not until the motorbike looked almost new ____ repairing and cleaning it. A. he stopped B. did he stopped C. stopped he D. he did stopped 2. There is no doubt ___ first aid is only a temporary form of help given to a patient. A. wether B.If C.that D.which 3.It was the boy , rather than the teachers , that ____ for what the boy had done. A.were to blame B.were to blamed C.was to blame D. was to be blamed 4.The couple watched teh Kongming light do higher and higher until they lost __of it . A. view B. scene C. vision D. sight 5. – I am not good at basketball , you know. -- ______we ?re playing for fun. Just try and you will see you can do it. A. Well , it depends B. Take your time C. Come on D. That‘s Ok . 6.Once the new rule are made , what matters much next is how they will be __to all the members of the club. A. devoted B. referred C. applied D. directed. 7.The arrangement for ___ concert next Saturday are all in ___ place. A. the , a B. the , / C. a, / D. a, the 8.She had just finished her homework ___her mother asked her to practise the panio yesterday. A. when B. while C. after D. since 9. The lady jumped off the floor, screaming , as if_____ by a snake. A. to have been bitten B. bitten C. being bitten D.to be bitten. 10.____ cleaning teh yard and making up the beds for the old, we also read newspapers for them and had chats with them. A. Expect for B. Rather than C. Apart form D. Insteas of 11.—Why is he feeling down today? --- Because the suggestion he ___has been turned down. A. put away B. put up C. put down D. put forward. 12.—Just a moment. I ___ packing my suitcase . -- Hurry up. It‘s little time we left for the airport. A. didn‘t finish B. finished C. haven‘t finished D. have finished. 13.Being a good listener is a king of quality, and that‘s ___ it takes to keep friendship. A. how B. which C. where D. what 14.The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has said that it is ready to provide further support the the eurozong‘s banking system , ____. A. if so B. if ever C. if necessary D. if any. 15.—Peter ?s injuries were severe and he bled too much.

--- Yes. Ten minutes late ____ he would have died. A. but B. or C. so D. and 16. Only when ________possible to settle the problem. A. dose the thief editor come will it be B. the chief editor comes will it be C. has the chief editor come it will be D. the chief editor comes it will be 17.I must _____ your promise ____ you won‘t be late again. A. remind you for ,why B. remind you to , in which C.remind you of , that D. remind you , which 18.When I arrived home and found the window broken, a frightened feeling ___ across my mind. A. hit B. struck C. occured D. flashed . 19. ---How do you ___ we go to Beijing for our holiday? ---I think we‘d better fly there. It‘s much more comfortable. A. insist B. want C.suppose D. suggest 20.____ with a difficult situation, Arnold decided to ask his boss for advice. A. To face B. Having faced C. Faced D. Facing 21. --- Sorry, Sir. I can‘t answer this question ---Well, you are supposed ______this part of history. A.reading B. to be reading C. to have reas D.having read 22. Now that we __all the money,it‘s no use turning on me and saying it‘s all my fault. A. had lost B. lost C. have lost D. lose 23. ______my camera was‘t working ----there is no battery in it. A. No doubt B. No wonder C. No possibility D. No way 24. How I wish every family _____ a large house with a beautiful garden. A. has B. had C will have D. had had . 25.This solid stone square tower had remained ____ for one thousand years. A. stand B. to stand C. standing D. being stood

二.完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
“I found this upstairs.” My 16?year?old daughter enters the kitchen and hands me the 40?year?old It is a picture of my 27 26 .

and me standing on the front lawn at

our house in n.J. He was a big man,and with his smile wide,he looks 28 and confident.I look pretty happy snuggled (依偎) against him. Then,without warning — still burst into 30 29 the old photograph — I a moment , probably

.My daughter backs away for

31 .I don’t think she has seen me cry before.I never saw my father 32 either. I look at the 40?year?old photograph and see him so 33 ,but of

course he would to him was 35


have a chance to grow old.The last time I talked

my father was in Florida on business,and felt chest 36 ,he was fine.

pains,he just told me not to So what 37

did I learn when he died of a heart attack at 59? 38

Life goes by fast,don’t waste a moment,tell the ones you love you feel,and show affection every chance you get. I am still gripping (紧握) the photograph and 39

.My daughter, 40

not sure what to do,puts her arms around my shoulders and tries to me. “I know you 41 him,”she says to me.

And I do.Still.Every day. It’s okay to feel this 42 .You can’t have an up without a down, 43 you

a back without a front—or a happy without a sad.This is the pay for having a great father.You get the you get the tears at the end,too. 44

, the tender moments—and

My father,is worth the tears.And if your father is wor th them, let him 45 .

As the old proverb says,“When a father gives to his son,they both laugh.When a son gives to his father,they both cry.” 26.A.letter 27.A.mother 28.A.excited 29.A.holding 30.A.laughter 31.A.bored 32.A.shout 33.A.young 34.A.always 35.A.when 36.A.mention B.story B.father B.successful B.saving B.song B.curious B.cry B.healthy B.yet B.before B.hurry C.photograph C.sister C.active C.leaving C.tears C.nervous C.call C.happy C.seldom C.after C.worry D.book D.brother D.strong D.taking D.anger D.scared D.burst D.brave D.never D.until D.say

37.A.experiences 38.A.where 39.A.sobbing 40.A.remind 41.A.like 42.A.impression 43.A.debt 44.A.joy 45.A.go

B.knowledge B.how B.thinking B.encourage B.miss B.trouble B.price B.luck B.know

C.advice C.what C.standing C.persuade C.understand C.pain C.money C.chance C.remember

D.lessons D.why D.explaining D.calm D.recall D.memory D.loss D.problem D.forget

The US government has started a website, Admongo, to help children think critically about the advertising aimed at them. It claims to provide visitors with an ―aducation‖ through games and other entertainment. A cartoon man dressed in old time pilot clothing greets visitors to Admongo. "Call me Haiz", he says upon arrival in a rocket ship that opens up with a crazy world inside it. Spacey dance music plays in the background as Haiz tells visitors that they need to learn about advertising. Its inventors say eight to twelve years old is the age kids develop their critical thinking abilities. Kids that age are also a big market for advertisers. The idea behind Admongo is to teach children three things: To identify the advertiser. To know what the advertiser is really saying. And to know what the advertisement is trying to get the child to do. Children learn these things through a video game. They create their own game character. They can choose different skin colors, hair styles, eye and mouth shapes. Then they begin a trip through ad-land, where there are ads on buses and billboards. The players have to find all the marketing in the neighborhood before they can move on to the next level. The Admongo game takes players inside a home, to the advertising studio and everywhere else ads can be found. It is a complete exploration of the world of marketing. One such area is food marketing. The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) says it is a big business. The FTC estimates that food, drink and fast-food restaurants spent more than one and a half billion dollars on advertising to young people in 2009. The FTC says children are important for three reasons. They buy products. They influence parents and caregivers to buy. And they are the future adult buyers of the products. A recent study says most advertising aimed at children is for foods of the lowest

nutritional value. First Lady Michelle Obama has said she would like to see advertisers marketing healthy foods for children. 46.What is the best title of the text? A. The guide of Admongo B. An aducation website for children C. A popular online video game D. A website aimed at children 47. Why did the government start the website? A. To attract the biggest market of buyers. B. To sell the products of its company. C. To help children know about advertising. D. To advertise the video game for children. 48. What can players do in the website game? A. Choose hair styles for their character. B. Travel to a supermarket. C. Eat in a fast-food restaurant. D. Play video games during the trip. 49. Children are important for advertising because they are . A. important for the society B. the most potential buyers C. easily influenced by ads D. easily affected by poor products 50. According to Michelle Obama, lots of food advertised for children are ________. A. healthy B. of high nutrition C. yummy D. of low quality

Many kids feel tempted to cheat once in a while.Most resist and do the work instead. Some kids cheat and feel SO bad that they never do it again.Others get caught and decide it isn‘t worth it.Unfortunately.some kids start cheating and feel like they can‘t stop. Kids who cheat may feel worried about getting caught.Whether they are caught or not,these kids may feel guilty or embarrassed,or ashamed--or all three.Even if the cheater feels fine or doesn‘t get caught,that doesn‘t mean it‘S OK.If you see someone cheatin9,or if someone asks to copy your work,you can tell a teacher Or another grown-up. If a kid gets caught cheatin,the teacher may give the kid a‖zero‖score on the test, send him or her to the principal?s office, and contact his Or her parents. Worse than the bad grade may be the feeling of having disappointed other people,like parents and teachers.A parent may worry that you are not an honest person and a teacher might watch you more closely the next time you‘re taking a test.

Karen McCalley,an English teacher in New York says , ‖It is always disappointing when students cheat because it makes me think the student doesn‘t believe in himself.I expect students to do their very best and I am sad when they don‘t put their best foot forward. ?'Cheaters cheat themselves in a way because they don‘t make an honest attempt to learn as much as they Can.For instance,if you cheat your way through spelling tests, you won‘t learn how to spell. That Can katch—I mean catch--up with you when you get older!And adults who cheat—at work , sports , or in their relationships--get into serious trouble,far more serious than a bad grade on a spelling test'‘. 51.What does the text mainly talk about? A.Ways of cheating B.Characteristics of Cheating C.Feelings of cheafing D.Bad Results of cheating 52.Which of the following is TRUE according to the text? A.The majority of kids try to stop cheating from happenin9. B.Cheating in spelling tests cannot influence your life in future. C.All Kids who cheat may feel t'me and lucky without getting caught. D.The students think cheating results from lack of self-confidence. 53.From the text We know that Karen comes from A.Britain B.New Zealand C.Canada D.America 54.According to the last paragraph,the reason why cheaters cheat may be that A.they don‘t want to discourage their teachers or parents B.they want to satisfy the needs of tbeir poor desire C.they don‘t try their best to learn as much as possible D.they want to get a better grade to give parents a surprise 55.In the writer‘S opinion,cheating . A.makes the teachers and parents embarrassed and ashamed. B.easily makes teachers and parents disappointed and worried. C.1eads to cheater‘S failure in getting a better grade in the test. D.has little effect on adults‘work,sports and relationships.

When a dirty and untidy orange cat showed up in the prison yard,I was one of the first to go out there and pet it. I hadn‘t touched a cat or a dog in over 20 years.I spent at least 20 minutes,knelt down behind the kitchen as the cat rolled around, relaxed.What he was expressing outwardly, I was feeling inwardly.It was an amazing bit of grace to feel him under my hand and note that I was reaching a life or another creature with something as simple as my care. Over the next few days , there were other prisoners responding to the cat.Every yard period,a group of prisoners gathered there.They stood around talking and taking turns petting the cat.These were guys you wouldn‘t usually find

talking to each other. Several times I saw an officer in the group, not chasing people away, but just watching and seeming to enjoy along with the prisoners.Bowls of milk and water appeared along with bread, wisely placed under the edge of the dustbin to keep the birds from getting it. The cat was obviously homeless and in pretty bad shape. People said that the cat came to the right place.He's getting treated like a king.This was true.but as I watched I was also thinking about what the cat was doing for us.There was a lot of talk about what's wrong with prisons in America. We need more programs. We need more psychologists or treatment of various kinds .Some may even talk about making prisons more kind.But I think what we really need is a chance to practise our own kindness.Not receive it,but give it.After more than two decades here, I know kindness is not a value that's encouraged.It's often seen as a weakness. Instead,the culture encourages keeping your head down,minding your own business,and never letting yourself be weak. The cat did my heart good to see the effect he had on me and the men here.By simply saying,‖I need some help here‖,he did something important for us.He needed us.And we needed to be needed.I believe we all do. 56.From the passage,we can learn that the author was A.an animal protector prisoner 57.Which of the following statements is true? A.The cat was dirty because it was kept in prison. B.The officer in the prison enjoyed petting the cat. C.The prisoners prepared food for both the cat and birds. D.The author realized the importance of practising kindness. 58.We can infer from the third paragraph that A.showing love to others can make prisoners strong B.the American prison culture will be improved C.the author is not content with the prison culture D.caring for others is encouraged in American prisons 59.What is the best title for the passage? A.Caring Makes Us Human. C.Animals Need Care. B.Prison Culture is Important. D.Everyone Needs to be Cared for. . B.the cat owner . D.a C.a prison officer

60.In Paragraph 2,the author mentioned that ―Several times I saw an officer in the

group,not chasing people away, but just watching and seeming to enjoy along with the prisoners.‖to . A.show us the officer and prisoners get along well with each other B.show us the American prison culture does need improvement C.show us the officer and prisoners all like cat D.show us the American prison culture is great D That our students rarely get the opportunity to use their imagination was an open secret among Chinese people.Now,a global survey has brought it to the notice of the rest of the world. The survey covering 21 countries, conducted by International Educational Progress Evaluation Organization, showed Chinese students excelled at math, beating their peers from other countries.But when it came to using their imagination, they were tied for the last place.And in creativity, they were fifth from the bottom. The survey results are not shocking, given the way our children are taught in schools and at home.But they are a severe reminder to our educators and parents to improve their ways. Chinese students rarely get the time or chance to use their imagination.Right from the day they enter school they are pushed into a culture of exams and more exams.Teachers and parents teach them that education is all about passing these exams with flying colors.And to pass those exams, they are made to learn by fixed standard answers. Teachers dare not encourage students to think outside the box.Teachers don't like students questioning them, killing the curiosity of the young minds.For children, there's hardly any room for bright ideas either in class or at home. Israel shares the values of education with China.But there is a world of difference between the way Israeli parents treat their children and we do.Israeli parents do not mollycoddle their children.Instead,they encourage them to learn how to live independently.In contrast, Chinese parents go to extremes, allowing their children to do whatever they like to do and punishing them severely the next for committing a “mistake”. The global study should make us swing into action and help our students to throw open their young minds to imagination and creativity.It is time our education officials and educators asked themselves what they should do to let our children's imagination and creativity blossom. 61.Based on the text, the creativity of the Chinese students ranks among the 21 countries. A.the 5th B.the 17th C.the 2lst D.the 1st 62.Why is the imagination of the Chinese students so poor? A.Their parents often improve their educational ways.

B.They are thought to be lacking in curiosity. C.Their teachers are afraid of being questioned. D.They are not encouraged to imagine both at home and in class. 63.What does the underlined word“mollycoddle”probably mean in Paragraph 6? A.spoil B.motivate C.appreciate D.scold 64.It can be learned from the text Israeli parents . A.lay much more emphasis on education than Chinese ones B.allow their children to live in whatever way they like C.focus more attention on developing their children's living ability D.encourage their children to commit mistakes in lives 65.Israel is introduced in the text mainly . A.to enrich the content of the text B.to support and advocate Israel education C.to illustrate the disadvantages of Chinese education D.to criticize the wrong behavior of Chinese parents

Based on a telephone survey of about 72,000 people in 2005, only about I in 4 Americans knows the warning signs of heart attack and what to do first, according to a new government report. That‘s a decline from the last survey in 2001, which showed that nearly 1 in 3 were well informed. The study‘s lead author, Dr, Jing Fang, called public awareness in the new survey ―alarmingly low‖. Fang is with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which surveyed residents of 13 states and District of Columbia. Heart attack warning signs can include one or more of the following: shortness of breath, pain or discomfort in the chest, discomfort in the arms or shoulders, a feeling of weakness or light-headedness, and discomfort in the jaw, neck or back. Chest pain is the most common symptom. Women are more likely than men to experience some of the other symptoms, particularly shortness of breath and back or jaw pain, according to the American Heart Association. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should call 911, the heart association advises. In America, the groups best informed of heart attack warning signs and what to do, tended to be white, highly educated women. Also scoring well were residents of West Virginia, which has some of the nation‘s highest heart-attack death rates. Each year more than 900,000 Americans suffer heart attacks, about 157,000 of them fatal (致命的). About half the deaths occur within an hour of the symptoms appearing, experts say. Because different people experience different symp toms, it‘s important to be aware of all of them, doctors say. Of course, knowing is not the same as doing. Although most of those who got the heart-attack symptoms right said they would call 911, other studies showed that only about half of the heart-attack victims went to hospital by ambulance, Rosamond, a heart disease expert noted. Patients‘ concerns about lack of health insurance, or other matters, may explain why so few go to hospital, said Rosamond, who was not involved in the new study.

66.What‘s the topic of the passage? A.People‘s declining knowledge of heart-attack symptoms. B.The importance of knowing the heart attack warning signs. C.The seriousness of heart attacks. D.Some of the symptoms of heart attacks. 67.We learn from the passage that American highly educated women ______. A.suffer more chest pain from heart attacks B.are better-informed of heart attack warning signs C.have heart attacks more often than men D.having heart attacks all experience rather similar symptoms 68.Who is most likely to know the most about heart attack warning signs? A.A white, college-educated man. B.A white, college-educated woman. C.A black, college-educated woman. D.A black high school boy. 69.Why don‘t some people who get heart attacks call 911? A.Because they don‘t trust doctors in the hospital. B.Just because they are suffering too much to move. C.Partly because ambulances are not available to them. D.Partly because they don‘t have health insurance. 70.What do we learn from the passage? A. Patients with heart disease rarely suffer chest pain. B.Dr. Jing Fang did the survey by herself. C.West Virginia has the lowest heart-attack death rates. D.A person having a heart attack may have one or more symptoms.


[1] To ensure the protection of our global village from pollution for us and for future generations, it is the duty of every individual and people to take an active part in environmental protection. [2] We have often heard that there are dangerous levels of air pollution in major cities of the world all the way from Los Angeles to Seoul. Yet little has been done to solve this problem worldwide. Researchers are telling us that it will certainly cost money to clean up overcrowded cities, but if we do not, there will be a greater price to pay the price of shortening our own life expectancy. [3] As a result of continued pollution, we can expect higher expenses in health care in the future, not to mention the extra costs of cleaning up our water, and protecting our food supply. Scientists are trying to inform us that in the long run, we will save money and our natural resources by ___________________ now. [4] It seems to me that it is really a matter of having a very long term vision so that the activities of societies take into account any damages to the environment. In particular, it is for those economists in governments to take the costs of harming the environment into consideration. Once we do that, it will be clearer to everyone that it will pay to change the way we currently go about functioning in society. [5] Thanks to technologies, esp. clean technologies, a lot less pollution could be produced. It is just a matter of cost. And it will be very important that the industrialized

world do not just export old, useless, and dirty technologies to the developing countries. 76. What's the main idea of the first paragraph? (Please answer within 10 words) _______________________________________________________________ 77. Which sentence(s) in this passage could be replaced by the following one? ―Perhaps people should care much more for the future and pay attention to any possible harm people do to the environment.‖ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 78. Fill in the blank in the third paragraph with proper words to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 10 words) _______________________________________________________________ 79. What‘s your opinion about what the writer wants to tell us in this passage? (Please answer within 30 words) ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 80. Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

二.作文: 假如你校要举办一次主题为“How to communicate with friends” 的 英语演讲比赛,请你用英语写一篇演讲稿。要点如下: 1. 尊重并信任朋友 2. 常与朋友聊天 3. 换位思考问题 注意:1.词数 120-150 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 3. 参考词汇: 换位思考: put oneself in sb‘s shoes. 76. _______________________________________________________ 77._______________________________________________________ 78._______________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________ 79._______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 80._______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 作文: __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 英语答题卷



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