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B1Unit2 知识点教师版

英语 必修一 Unit 2 English around the world (知识点)

【Warming up】 1.Do you know that there is more than one kind of English ? 你知道世界上不止有一种英语吗? ? more than one + 名词单数,后面的谓语动词用 单数 e.g. More t

han one student wants to go to swim. 不止一个学生想去游泳。 more than 还可以跟名词、形容词、副词连用,意为“不只是” e.g. Both of them are more than classmates, they are close friends. 他们俩远不只是同学,他们还是知心朋友。 【Pre-reading】 1. Which country do you think has the most English learners? 你认为哪个国家拥有最多的英语学习者? ? 英语中 do you think/ do you believe/ 用于疑问句是,要作为插入 语放在特殊疑问词后,其他内容紧跟其后并用 陈述 语序。 e.g. When do you think he will be back? 你认为他什么时候会回来? 【Reading】The road to modern English 1.Later in the next century, people from England made voyages to conquer other parts of the world and because of that ,English began to be spoken in many other countries. 在 17 世纪后期,英国人航海去征服世界的其他地区。于是,许多别 的国家开始说英语。 ? voyage 在此为可数名词,意为“ 航海 ” e.g. The voyage from America to France used to take two months. 从美国到法国的航行过去要花两个月的时间。 辨析 voyage/ journey/ travel/ trip (1) voyage 则常指海上旅行或太空旅行。 (2) journey 多指有目的地的陆地长途旅行。 (3) travel 意义广泛,可以指所有的旅行和游历,不分时间长短,不论 路途远近。 (4) trip 常指时间较短,距离较近的往返旅行。 运用 用上面的辨析词填空


英语 必修一 Unit 2 English around the world (知识点)


① We made a voyage to Australia by water. ② Today is a good day for a trip . ③ Travel is much cheaper than it used to be. ④ He is going to make a long journey to the South Pole. because of 意为 因为,由于 ,是介词短语,后接名词或动名 词短语等。

because 是连词,后接句子,作 原因状语 从句。 e.g.: 1) He didn't go to school because he is ill. 2) Because of his illness,he didn't go to school. ? Tom was absent A the illness. A. from; because of B. in; for C. at; because D. out of; because of 2. Native English speakers can understand each other.... ? native 本国的; 本国人,本地人 native language 母语 Are you a native of New York? 你是纽约人吗? 2.I'd like to come up to your apartment. 我想去你的公寓(坐坐) 。 ? come up e.g. 1) 2) 意为 走近,上来,提出 One of the teachers came up to talk to me.

其中一个老师走过来跟我说话。 The problem came up in the meeting. 问题在会议中被提出来了。

[拓展] come across 偶遇;come about 发生 come up with 提出,找到 ? Mary C her old classmate on the street yesterday evening. A. came up B. came out C.came across D.came about ? Much to our surprise, the airline has B a new solution to the problem of jet-plane. A.put up with B.come up with C.catch up with D.keep up with 3. It was based more on German than the English we speak at present 当时的英语更多的是以德语为基础的,而现代英语不是。 ? be based on 根据;以??为基础 e.g. 1) The novel is based on fact. 这本小说以事实为基础。

英语 必修一 Unit 2 English around the world (知识点)

[拓展] base sth on sth 根据,基于 e.g. 1)He on. 记者问作家他作品中的人物是以谁为原型的。 ? present adj. 当前的(前置定语) ;出席的,在场的(后置定语) n. 目前;礼物 e.g.⑴ Can you tell us something about the present situation (当前的有关情况) ⑵ All the people present agree to my plan. 所有在场的人都同意了我的计划。 ⑶she is busy at present and can’t speak to you. 4. So by the 1600's Shakespeare was able to make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before. 所以到了 17 世纪,莎士比亚所用的词汇量比以往任何时期都大。 ? make (good/full/no)use of (好好/充分/没有)利用;使用 e.g. We should make good use of the resources we have. 我们必须好好利用现有的资源。 5. English is also spoken in Singapore and Malaysia and countries in Africa such as South Africa. 在新加坡,马来西亚和非洲其他国家,比如南非,人们也说英语。 such as 例如? 辨析 such as/ for example (1) such as 用来列举同类人或物中的“几个”例子,但不全部列出。 (2) for example 一般只列举同类人或物当中的“一个” ,作为插入语, 用逗号隔开。 运用 ① I have many good friends, ② I have many good friends, friends. such as Jack, John and Tom. for example , Jack, is one of my based the book on (根据)his own life. 2)The reporter asked the writer who he based his characteristics


英语 必修一 Unit 2 English around the world (知识点)

【Using Language】 1. Believe it or not ? , there’s no such thing as standard English. 信不信由你, 世界上没有所谓的标准英语。 believe it or not 信不信由你 Believe it or not , all the people present have agreed to the plan. 2. This is because in the early days of radio, those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English. 这是因为在早期的电台节目里, 人们期望新闻播音员讲极好的英语。 because 引导的是表语从句 e.g. That is because he doesn't like coffee. 那是因为他不喜欢喝咖啡。 3. Geography also play a part in making dialects. 地理位置对方言的产生也有影响。 play a part (in)的意思是: 扮演一个角色;参与 e.g. He ? played a part (扮演一个角色) of a doctor in a film. play an important part in :扮演重要的角色,起重要作用 e.g. The USA plays an important part in ( 起 重要 作 用 ) international relations. 4. Although many America move a lot, they still recognize each other’s dialects. 虽然许多美国人经常搬迁, 但他们仍然能够辨认和理解彼此的方言。 ? recognize vt 辨认出;承认;公认 B e.g. : 1)Although we had not met each other for over 20 years, I her in the crowds at the first sight. A.knew B.recognized C.regarded D.reconsidered ⑵ — Oh,it’s you! I A you. — I’ve just had my hair cut, and I’ve wearing new glasses. A.didn’t recognize B.hadn’t recognized C.haven’t recognize D.don’t recognize ⑶Tom is recognized B the best student. A.to B.as C.with D.for





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