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He used to cause a lot of trouble 翻译

He used to cause a lot of trouble 翻译
He used to cause a lot of trouble Martin Murray is a fifteen-year-old boy.He used to be a "problem child",but a recent conversation whit his mother changed his lif. He didn't use to give his mother many problems. However,after his father's death a few years ago, Martin's life became much more difficult. His mother couldn'tafford to pay for her child's education. To do this, she had to work, and so was often not at home. His mother looked after him as well as she could. Unfortunately, Martin still cause problems for himself and hie family. He was not intersted in studying and he often go into trouble with the police. Luckily, his mother was very patient and didn't give up trying to help him.In the end,she made a difficult decision : to send him to a boy's boarding school. Martin hated it and used to cause a lot of trouble. One day,he told his teacher he wanted to leave the school. Even the teacher agreed that Martin was wasting his time. The head teacher said it was necessary for Martin to talk with his mother. Martin called hie mother, but to his surprise,this phone call changed his life. "It was exactly what i need," he said. "My nother helped me to understand how much she had given me. She also told me that even though my father was no longer with us, he was watching me and would always take pride in everything doog i do. That's when i decided to change. I realize that since my father died, i have been afraid of being alone,and have tried to make my mother my mother pay more attention to me ." Now Martin has really changed. He has been working hard and is now one of the best students in his class. How was he able to change? His mother"s love helped him to feel good about himself ,and as Martin himself says, "It"s very important for partens to be there for their children."

他过去常常惹麻烦 Martin Murray 是一个 15 岁的男孩,他过去是一个问题小孩,但是最近和他 妈妈的一次谈话改变了他的生活.他不再给他妈妈制造麻烦了.然而,在他爸爸去 世几年后,Martin 的生活变得很艰难.他的妈妈不能负担他的教育费用,为了这 个,他妈妈不得不工作,因此她常常不在家. 他妈妈尽可能的照顾好他.不幸的是,Martin 还是一直给他和他的家制造麻 烦,他不爱学习,常常因闯祸而进警察局.幸好,他妈妈很有耐性,没有放弃帮助他. 最后,她下了很大的决心:送 Martin 去读男子寄宿学校.Martin 讨厌这个,还是一 直惹很多麻烦.有一天,他告诉他的老师他想离开学校.老师认为 Martin 是浪费 时间. 校长说有必要让 Martin 和他妈妈谈谈.Martin 打了电话给他妈妈,但是出忽 他意料之外的是,这个电话改变了他的一生."这就是我想要的",他说."我的妈妈

让我明白她为我付出了多少,她还告诉我即使我爸爸已经不在了,他还是在注视 着我们,会为我所做的所有事感到自豪.这就是我决定改变的时候.我意识到自从 我爸爸去世后,我害怕孤独,尝试使我妈妈多注意我一点." 现在,Martin 真的变了,他努力学习,现在是他们班上最好的学生之一.他是 怎样改变的呢?他妈妈的爱使他觉得自己是好的,就象 Martin 他自己说的那样," 父母关心孩子真的很重要."



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