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2015 高考英语阅读理解与完型填空一轮限时训练题(4)

广东省汕头市质量监测试题】----- A
We live in central Phoenix, near the canal. Every day I used to see a homeless old man and his scruffy little dog hanging out down there. I would tell my husband we should give him food for the little dog. It wouldn't have been a problem; we have our own "mini farm" of animals! But he would say "OK!" and then blow the idea off because of our business. Being in Phoenix, Arizona, you can just imagine how hot it gets here, but his winter was really chilly! I had just come from KFC with take-out food for dinner. As I was turning by the canal, the man and his dog were sitting right there all bundled up. Even the doggy had a coat on! Not even thinking about it, I pulled into the parking lot along the canal and piled up a plate of chicken with al the fixings for the man and his little buddy. I gave it to him with a soda and a bottle of water for the little dog. He said, "Thank you, sweetie. You are an angel." And there were tears welling up in his eyes! I told him he ws so welcome, and then went home. When my husband dug into the KFC gag he asked, "Were you hungry, or what?" I told him what I did and he said, "Only you!" Then he told me I had done a good thing. A few weeks later, we were walking along the canal and found the man walking to me, with his little dog. He asked whether I would mind adopting the dog. With tears in eyes, he said it had gotten too hard for him to care for the dog. He added that he was planning on heading to Washington State but his dog wouldn't have been up to it, so he hoped to give it to me. "Only you! In this city, you are the only person I can believe in!" Now, every time I watch and pat the puppy lying near the fireplace, I will recall the old man's words and wish him good luck. 26. The author and her husband didn't kelp the old man at the beginning because _______ A.they had a farm of animals to feed B.they didn't have food even for themselves. C.they worked busily and often forget it. D.they were unwilling to help a man with a dog.

27. What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 3? A. She gave the old man some food on a cold day. B. She met the old man after finishing her dinner. C. She offered the old man nothing but chicken. D. She burst into tears after helping the old man. 28. What did the author's husband feel when she told him what she had done? A. Grateful. Disappointed 29. Why did the old man hope to give the dog to the author? A. Because he knew thee author was also a dog lover. B. Because the author was the person he could trust. C. Because the author was the only person he knew. D. Because he believed that his dog liked the author. 30. What can we infer from the ending of the passage? A. The author refused the old man's request. B. The author misses the old man and his dog. C. The author feels the old man was very lucky. D. The author adopted the old man's dog. B. Delighted C. Indifferent D.

【2013 界广东省韶关市】---- D
Across the planet there are millions of people who engage in some type of meditation, the practice of concentrating and clearing the mind to bring the body into a state of peace, at least a semi-regular basis. For some, particularly among practitioners of Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, this is part and parcel of their religious practice. For others, particularly in We stern cultures, meditation tends to be a response to stress. With the world economy approaching meltdown and people worried about their job or their ability to keep their home, it’s a way for people to attain a state of peace of mind and well-being. For those interested in taking up the practice, instruction in meditation for beginners can be found in literally thousand s of sources. ww w.x kb1.c om

One of the most popular styles of mediation in the West, with classes offered in m ost major cities, is called Transcendental Meditation. TM, as it is known among its practitioners, first came to worldwide attention when the Beatles began practicing it in 1967. For direct, guided, personal instruction in meditation for the beginner, TM may be the hallmark. Part of the confusion about how to practice meditation effectively is due to the fact that there are literally hundreds of techniques championed by various groups and individuals. As a general principle, it might be said that all meditation techniques seek to have the practitioner attain a state of consciousness that is different to our ordinary state of awareness. They attempt to train people to clear their minds and achieve a sense of inner peace. It sounds simple enough, but of the huge number of people experiment with meditation, very few are able to maintain its practice over the long haul. In most cases, this is due to frustration over the inability to experience any dramatic, instantly recognizable effects. This is quite a sad state of affairs, that so few these days are willing or equipped to persist in something that doesn’t provide immediate life-changing results. It reflects a culture in which demands for discipline and sustained effort are considered unnecessary or even unfair. It is no surprise therefore that many people abandon their efforts at meditation before they have a chance to bear fruit. But for anyone who does decide to take up this worthwhile practice, please remember. You must clear your mind, relax and “take it as it comes”. Maintain the practice with a sense of discipline and devotion, and eventually benefits of inner peace and calm will be yours. 41. The underlined part “part and parcel of” in paragraph 1 is nearest in meaning to ________. A. closely associated with C. usually sent from B. very different to

D. an important element of

42. The goal of meditation is ________. A. to clear the mind B. to practice a religion

C. to develop a technique D. to carry out an experiment 43. What can we infer about meditation fro m the passage? A. It has two main types. B. It is practiced by many famous artists.

C. Its benefits are not immediately obvious. D. Most people fin d it a very good way to relax. 44. According to the writer, what has attracted many Western people to meditation practices in recent years? A. Their improved understanding of foreign culture. B. The need to fill in their growing free time. C. Increasing employment instability. D. Migration from countries in which meditation is traditional. 45. Who is the probable audience for this article? A. Experienced meditation practitioners. B. People interested in starting to learn meditation. C. Buddhists and Hindus. D. People who are very religious. 完型填空(4)

On a trip to California, my family stopped for lunch . As we walked towards the entrance to the restaurant, a man, with a __1__ beard and dirty hair, jum ped up from a bench outside the restaurant and opened the door for us.Regardless of his __2__, he greeted us in a friendly way. Once inside, my daughters whispered, “Mum, he lunch, I explained, telling the kids to look __3__. ” After we ordered our

__4__ the dirt. We then watched other

customers approach the restaurant but many __5__ him. Seeing this rudeness truly upset me. The day I became a mother, I had determined to set a good __6__ to my children. Yet sometimes when things didn't go right, being a good example was __7__. When our meal arrived, I realized I had left the carsick pills in the truck.With the winding trip ahead, the kids needed them, so I __8__ myself from the meal and went to get them. Just then, the “doorman” was opening the door for a couple. They rushed past him without even acknowledging his you” to him as I __10__. __9__. Letting them in first, I said a l oud “thank

When I returned, we talked a bit. He said he was not allowed inside __11__ he purchased food. I went back and told my family his __12__. Then I asked our

waitress to add one soup and sandwich. The kids looked __13__ as we had already eaten, but when I said the order was for the “doorman”, they smiled. When it was time to __14__ our trip, I found the “doorman” enjoying his meal. Upon seeing me, he

stood up and thanked me heartily. He then __15__ out his hand for a handshake and I gratefully accepted. I suddenly __16__ the tears in his eyes—tears of gratitude (感 激).What happened next drew great astonishment: I gave the “doorman” a __17__. He pulled away, with tears _ _18__ down his face. Back in the truck, I fell into deep thought.While we can't choose many things in life, we can choose when to show gratitude.I said thanks to a man who had __19__ held open a door for me, and also said thanks for that __20__ to teach my children by example. 1.A.clean C.pretty 2.A.service B.messy D.bright B.appearance

C.state D.attitude 3.A.smokes B.smiles C.sighs D.smells 4.A.beyond B.over C.around D.into 5.A.hated B.ignored

C.missed D.refused 6.A.target B.rule

C.record D.example 7.A.stressful B.accessible C.awkward D.tough 8.A.excused B.refreshed C.prevented D.forgave

9.A.company B.presence C.challenge D.attack 10.A.quitted B.ma rched C.exited D.approa ched 11.A.before B.unl ess C.though D.since 12.A.story B.deed
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C.experience D.demand 13.A.concerned B.excited

C.puzzled D.bored 14.A.make B.start

C.take D.continue 15.A.reached B.washed

C.raised D.waved 16.A.watched B.inspected

C.witnessed D.noticed 17.A.hug B.nod C.lift D.strike 18.A.slipping B.rolling C.rushing D.brea king 19 .A.firmly B.constantly C.simply D.quickly 20.A.journey B.wisdom C.opportunity D.community



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